April 30, 2009

My Cricut Version of Sizzix Box #2

Hey There... sorry my posting is late today. I stepped out this morning to run errands.... I'm sooo excited to share this with you. Remember I shared the RAK that I received from Wini this past Easter? (Here is a pic of Wini's box - on the left). She created using the Sizzix Box #2 die cut, sold exclusively by Stampin' Up!. Well, I asked Wini if I could take one of the boxes apart (she gave me 2), I wanted to design one of my own with Cricut's Design Studio program. Thankfully, Wini said, "of course!!!". So, off to work I went. I had such a great time creating this box, and I think that's what it is - the challenge of creating it is fun, and seeing the end results is an even better satisfaction. The only difference between the cut that Sizzix designed, and my design is the bottom of the box. I made my bottom with a flap, and it actually turned out pretty good. (See photo below of bottom of my box). =0) You might be thinking, what's the big deal, Jen? I could make the same box by hand.... true, true,... but once you already have the measurements and cut figured out and saved - all I need to do is select the cut file, insert the Cricut mat, hit cut... and it's cutting my piece. And anytime I want to cut it, I have it at hand. =0) I've created 1 design using George, and 1 design using Plantin, therefore ALL Cricut users should be able to use this cut file. If you have the baby Cricut, just change the mat to 6x12, and you should be good to go!!!

Here is how my box turned out.... hope you like it - and if you want to download the file, just scroll to the bottom of this posting...

This photo here shows you how my bottom differs from the Sizzix designed cut.

This photo, I show how I created the box to look just like the Sizzix cut that Wini put together for Easter.
Here's is a front shot of it.

Here is the 1st project I created using this cut. Can you tell that I was excited about it?!?!?! I had to use it right away!!! I used it for favors for my friend, Tiffany - whose getting married in May!!! We had a lil' luncheon this past Saturday, together with my Title Guaranty friends. We ate at Yakiniku Camellia in McCully. It's where you gather your raw meats n' veggies, and cook it at your own table, yourself. Tiff didn't want to cook, but I happily volunteered to cook for her - after all, she is the one getting married, right?!?! There were 3 of us on our table (the other had 2), I cook for all 3 of us - which I didn't mind. =0) I figure, since I am not allowed to cook on DH's BBQ grill, it would be my only chance to grill then. LOL!!!! What fun we had!!! I love getting together with my TG friends... we always say we'll get together monthly, and then we end up not getting together for like 4-6 months.

Anyways, I filled the little box with travel size things... chap stick, deodorant, lotion, hand sanitizer and some Hershey's hugs. They fit perfectly.

I decorated the box with black n' white Prisma flowers, and added a pearl for the middle of each flower (Hero Arts). The scallop frame around the oval handle was created using the Mini Monogram Cricut Cartridge. I embossed the bride n' groom using a mini CB folder, I printed the sentiment using my computer, and layered on black, then cut the edges using my scallop scissors.

I finished it off by wrapping each one elegantly, in clear cellophane wrapping and tying it with black organdy ribbon.

This was a FUN project!!!! =0)

Below is an image shot of the cut on the DS program. If you would like this cut file, click here.

I created 2 cut files for this cut, one made in George, the other in Plantin.

Requirements: Cricut Machine, DS Program, George -or- Plantin cartridges.