April 26, 2009

Simple Pouch For a Snack

Good Morning on this Blessed Sunday People!!! The weather yesterday in Hawaii was sooo pretty!!! My DH was off from work, so it was such a blessing to have him home, we went gallivanting... in the morning he went to the men's prayer @ church (I'm so proud of him, it tickles me inside!!!), and then CY4 n' I went to this "Disciples in Training" course. It's a 12 week course, just to introduce us to the Bible, and help us understand it more in depth. Of course, I could easily read it - but if I'm not getting the message, it's useless to me. So this class is to help us both. =0) Thereafter, the church had a garage sale going on.... we found soooo much finds!! I picked up a Crock Pot for only $3!!! $3!!! LOL.... I've had a slow cooker recipe book for like 4 years now, I can FINALLY put it to WORK, sisters!!!! Yay, Me!!!! So what should I make first?! LOL... Cy found this horse thingy, you know the ones that just have the horse's head on the broom stick? I've never had that kinda toy - but he was all into it, and that was only $2... I also picked up an Ethernet wire for just $1 - yay me, again!! LOL.... We then headed to town, my DH and CY4 went to a golf store, while Cy and I headed to a craft fair going on, where I knew Dawne & Nicky, 2 of my fellow aloha blogging sistahs were selling their stuffs. Cy was estatic to see his Aunty Dawne. I don't know what it is about her - he just melts when he sees her. LOL!!!

We then went to this Saimin shop that I took CY4 to last week. I've been telling my DH about it for the longest time - years, and years... and today was the day that he finally decided on going. LOL... after lunch, we headed home, and we all took a nice relaxing nap... ahhhhh. Next thing I knew, it was 5:30 pm... where'd the day go?! Well, I wanted to go over and see my mom n' dad, so that's where we ended up going for dinner. Told the kids and my DH, "let's hele" (hele = go)... and off we went. Picked up KFC (did you know they came out with "grilled chicken" now!?), and then to my mom thems. It was an awesome day with the family!!! What a blessing.... no crafting was done, but still, what a true blessing to just hang with each other, and have each others company....

Nope, no crafting today, HOWEVER, I do have this project to share with all of you. It's another project that I've had the Glama Gurlz create last week Sunday. It's a cute little pouch, that was cut with my Cricut, using the Tags, Bags Boxes n' More cartridge. I then ran it through the CB machine, using "Floral Fantasy". Such a pretty design, huh?! I took a strip of black CS, and then a strip of washi paper - and adhered it to the pouch. The Japanese doll image is a Hero Arts stamp. Love this set!!!! Sooo cute. They also just came out with a set of Chinese dolls, ok - so,you know I gotta get those too!!! LOL... I'm 0% Japanese, and 25% Chinese, so I can't get the Japanese ones - and not get the Chinese ones, when I am part Chinese, right? LOL... justifying again, just justifying.... gotta have reasons, so I know I'm purchasing for the right reasons... LOL!!! Anyways, I stamped the doll 3 times - once on washi paper, twice on white card stock. The washi paper, I cut the doll's kimono off, and then adhere to the image stamped on the white card stock. The other image stamped on the other white card stock, I cut the doll's head, and adhered it with foam tape, giving it a lift. The flower bling is from All Natural Accents. Tooo cute!!! I then filled the pouch with a lil' package of Enjoy Snacks. =0)

Well, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.... tomorrow is Christmas Challenge week #14!!! Looking forward to working on that one.