April 8, 2009

Recycled Project w/Hello Kitty Fairy

Hello All... this bag is a recycled project. My friend Jodie actually gave it me sometime back in October - I think for Halloween, or maybe it was a "just because" goody bag. Sorry, I can't remember.... I could be wrong. Anyways, thought I'd recycle it, and add a cute lil' Hello Kitty Fairy to the front of it. It's ok to recycle right?!?! Well, this wasn't the ONLY bag she gave me. She actually gave me a bunch, and I'm only using 1 of them. So don't try n' make me feel bad. LOL....

I'm going to send this out to one of my readers who celebrated her birthday. Heee heee... I hope you like it, and what's in it as well.... sorry so late!!! =0) Oh, what's inside is NOT recycled. Hee heee... it's new from ME!!!

The Cricut cartridge I've used for this Hello Kitty cut is from the Hello Kitty Font. YES... It's called Hello Kitty FONT, this is a cartridge with HK letterings, but there are about 10 Hello Kitty die cuts on there. Some of them look like the Sizzix Die Cuts.

Just for fun, let's compare prices here. Each Sizzix die of a Hello Kitty runs about $20-$25, infact, I heard that at Ben Franklin's (Hawaii's "Michaels") they were even selling these dies for about $35.... Ok, so let's take BF's prices, that means for all the 10 die cuts I have on Cricut, I would've paid well over $350 total!!! On top of that.... the Sizzix dies don't cut different sizes.... where as the Cricut will cut from 1" - 11" and every 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" in between. Wow... that would mean the Cricut could cut 4 sizes for every inch, which means about 44 sizes each design. For 10 of these designs, I am able to cut 440 sizes. If I had a Sizzix die cut for each size, that would cost me about $15,400..... (not that I'd want one for each size - LOL!!!) My machine cost me $340 (came with 2 cartridges), and then a Hello Kitty cartridge for $75! I got a great deal, huh?! Ok, now that I've convinced myself that I've made a great investment, I can appreciate it a lot more. =0) {{Gracie... now you know why I can't let you get rid of your's?!!?!}}

Ok, back to my project... I used stickles to add glitz to my HK. It was so much fun creating her. I'm going to be playing with my Crikadee a lot more again.... so if you've read my previous post - my Cricut Cuts By Jen blog is up running again. I have all the cut files posted on the side bar of that blog, for easy access in downloading.

Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday today. Thanks for stopping by!!