April 24, 2009

More RAKs....

Here are a couple of more Birthday RAKs I received.

These are all from my fellow Glama Gurlz....

From Evie, a cute lil' TIc TaC holder that she created, free hand!! How cute is this?! No sweeter way to tell those that you need some breath freshener, huh?! I love it!! =0) My favorite mint flavor too - Spearmint!! You can se I've already busted open the top. These Tic Tac's are perfect for me too, because did you know that I can't chew gum?!! Not that I don't know how to chew gum, but it makes me GAG!!! Yes... my gag reflex doesn't want to stop when it happens. So I stay away from gum.... and it's ALL types too, not just the mint ones.

This next RAK is from Myra... Myra's blog is at 808Kreations. Myra makes the cutest things. She is the "Queen Shaker Box Maker" that I know. Everything that she gives me has a lil' cute shaker box creation on it, and when she makes them - they are ohhhh sooooo cute!!!! Sa-Weeet!!!!

I think the stamp that she used on here is a CC Designs stamp - but not sure... could also be a TAC stamp.

The last RAK is from Jodie, and her blog can be found at Hawaiian Angels. Isn't this a super duper cute creation of Jodie's? Her Magnolia holding the muffin is too darn cute!!! I love the colors she's used on this card too... I just love all the pink and greens together. She made this card for my birthday - I was tickled to find out that it was made for ME!!!!

Myra and Jodie last updated their blogs 5 weeks ago, and Evie doesn't have a blog of her own. I'm not scolding them, trying to tell you something here - so please read on. There are other Glama Gurlz out there that don't want to maintain a blog, but want to share their creations. Therefore, with that - please stay tune for a Glama Gurlz blog, coming your way soon!!! Wooo Hooo!!!! You'll get to see whose in the group, and see their work too!!! Can't wait to debut it with all of you!!!