April 24, 2009

May RAK Sign Ups **CLOSED**

Updated: Sign Up is CLOSED

Aloha All....

Here are the sign ups for May's RAK so far... WOW - Just like Old Times!!! Ok, if you signed up, but don't see your name, please forgive me, I might just have over looked your email. Please email me ASAP to let me know so I can get you added....

  1. Mary Bennette
  2. Jayne Converse
  3. Penny McMillan
  4. Sharon Banta
  5. Tracy Houghton
  6. Diane Frost
  7. Colleen Kwan
  8. De Swanick
  9. JackieLou Ramilla
  10. Marisa Faylim
  11. Liann Mailangi
  12. Anne Snider
  13. Ali Amantiad
  14. Carol Jonasen
  15. Enjoli Bennett
  16. Tia Nakano
  17. Berenice Rendon
  18. Linda Kuniyoshi
  19. Joni Haraga
  20. Janice McConnell
  21. Angelina Lilavois
  22. Jovita Torres
  23. Salla Wagner
  24. LaTte Mocha
  25. Kelli Buenconsejo
  26. Wendy Akkermans
  27. Charlene McKenzie
  28. Jodie Cole
  29. Denise Nibling (sorry Garmin!!)
  30. Jenny Viloria
  31. Stephanie Thomas
  32. Jen Young
Wooo Hooo!!! These names sure sound familiar!!! But some are new to the game, and we welcome all of you with open arms!!! Have fun with your creation. If you participate in the challenge, send me a photo of your project, and I will get them posted.

For this month's RAK, I will pair each of you up with a surprised person - meaning that you will not be paired with the same person you are RAKing. So if you have a blog, and post your creation to your blog, do NOT say who it is going to, or better yet, wait til' she receives her card before posting your creation.

If you haven't already done so, please email me with your mailing address.... pairing of names will be made within the next couple of days. Tomorrow, Friday, April 24th, is the LAST day to sign up for May's RAK. A great way to meet new friends that share the same love of crafting like you!!!