April 1, 2009

Decorated Composition Tablet

My cousin and her family was visiting from the mainland this past weekend, and I wanted to make something special for her daughter, my niece, Shelley.

I have a stack of composition booklets, so I took one and covered it up with 3 Bugs DS Paper... then used my Cricut Expression to cut out the letters for her name. The cartridge that I used is called "Calligraphy". This cartridge was first available through only Michael's store. I am sure glad that Provo Craft decided that the other vendors should have a chance at selling this cartridge as well. It's an awesome cartridge. =0)

The lil' blue elephant is a woodchip piece which I purchased from WalMart. It was only $0.54 cents. You know, how come there isn't no "cents" symbol on my keyboard... everytime I want to do a "cents" symbol, I can't and I have to use the "$" sign, and then spell out "cents". Nutz.

I used decoupage to glue my DS paper to the compostion tablet, and then went over the entire DS covered tablet with decoupage to seal in and give the DS paper a nice finish touch. It took me about 20 minuts to complete this project, and because we were heading out the door soon to go to the party where I'd see her, I put my fan on "full blast" and pointed it at the tablet to make it dry quicker. Nope, the fan didn't ruin it. I wanted to add more gllitz, but I didn't have that much time. Thought about putting a lil' ribbon in the ele's hair... but she's actually cute the way she already is.

Here's a close up of her name... I love the Cricut...

Thanks for peeking in... have a marvelous Wednesday!!! It's my sister Jackie's bday today, so I wanna do a shout out to her (and it's no April foolin')... Happy Birthday, Sis!!! Love ya lots!!! Your sweet baby sister....

Hugs to all,