April 8, 2009

Cricut Blog REVIVED!!!!

Hey All...

Back by popular demand... I've had several emails asking me about what happened to my Cricut Creations blog, and if I'm going to update it soon. LOL... I've shut it down back in October '08, but never deleted it. Since I have been making a lot more Circut creations lately, I thought It would be nice for all you Cricut lovers to just go to one place to view my creations there. So, I've revived it... I have updated the blog with all of my recent Cricut creations. But it is a very vague blog - not a lot of writing. Thank you all that have been nicely asking me about it. I will still post the creations here as well with my writings, and just post photos with link back to here. For cut files that I create, that you would like to download - they will be posted on my Cricut Cuts blog. Also, sometimes there are requests from Cricut Community Board Members that might want a cut created, which will also be found there.

Don't forget to subscribe to that blog if you would like a daily update of what or when I post to that site as well.

Thanks again!!!