April 13, 2009

Christmas Sketch Challenge #12 & NEW Blog Announcement


I'm on my trek to reach out for something **new** again.... just wanted to let you know that I've started a blog for my Hawaii photos. It is called Hawaii Photos By Jen. Just an amateur site to share the photos that I've been taking of Hawaii. I am learning more about my Canon Rebel 300 and my Sony camera, and finding out what the difference between the both of them. So far, I've only found that the cost and the weight of them are very much different. I am also playing around with my Photo Shop Element software to help enhance my photos, and on that blog, I will be able to post my finds there. I hope you will stop by once in a while and check it out sometime.

Ok, on to this week's Christmas challenge. We're on our twelve week of creating Christmas cards all year long. Honestly, I didn't think I was going to make it this far. But sure am glad that I am pushing myself in doing it. Soooo much fun!!!

Here is the sketch that was provided to us by Maria. I like this sketch. But I haven't been in the stamping mood lately - so I figure I used another image that will give me not quite the satisfaction of stamping, but enough to make me feel that "hey, it's ok!!!". =0)

The image I've used is of Nancy Kubo (or it could be Mindy Terasawa) - either one, they are both related, so almost same smell. =0) . Paper is DCWV - Christmas Glitter Pack. Cardstock are of SU!

So how was your Easter weekend?!?! This weekend was such a busy weekend for us Young's. On Good Friday, my girlfriend Tiffany n' I went to get a manicure n' pedicure done. Then I had a small Farrington High School reunion that night, at Aiea Bowl. That was FUN!!! I had 3 strikes in a ROW... I haven't bowled in like almost 10 years, and with my newly filled nails - WOW!!! I was on a row, baby!!! (Hey Gloria - if you ever need another female on your team - give me a ring!!!!). My family was with me that night, and it was so much fun watching Cy bowl. Maria, it was a Cosmic Bowling night - so YAY!!! I get to say we FINALLY went to a Cosmic Bowling night as a family!!! It was awesome!!! Although we couldn't stay long, it was a fun filled evening!!

The next morning, we had to leave our house at 6:45 am and head over to Senator Fong's Garden, in Kapahulu. It wasn't a long drive, but it was an early one. So that's why we had to leave the bowling night early the night before. We had my girlfriend Rose's daughter's 1st birthday party that day, which of whom we are God Parent's of. Just a sweet lil' blessing our neice is. We help set up for the party, CY3 EmC'd, and I was the photographer. CY4 was an awesome big brother in helping with Cy throughout the entire party. After the party, we broke down, and split.... Sunday was a HUGE day for us as well!!!

Sunday morning, Easter Sunday, Resurrection Sunday was an early Sunday for us. We got up in the wee hours of the morning again - 4 am for me!!! I had to get everyone up and ready, because we wanted to be out of the house by 5:15 am to make it to Ala Moana Beach/Magic Island, to attend our church's Sunrise Service @ 6 am and let me just say that I've rededicated myself to the Lord (again, in just 2 months).... I have just gotta tell you guys, there has been wonderful wonderful things that has happened since Jesus entered my life. A couple evenings before my hubby n' I attended the Passover ceremony at our church, and it just opened my eyes. I've learned so much about our American history and how Christianity ties in with everything, how our fore fathers applied Christianity to the Declaration of Indpendence, to how and why we hid eggs for our children on Easter Sunday. I just wanna say, that before I was a Christian, I was a Catholic. I thought there wasn't a difference between the two. But there is a huge difference. Yes, we both believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins. But there are things that are underlying and beyond that isn't the same. In my opinion, I wasn't educated about the Bible as a Catholic. I was taught to follow along with whatever everyone else in the Catholic church was doing, and was taught that it was the right thing to do. Rituals that I followed, fearing that I would be hit by lightning or something. But I didn't truly know the word of God. God's word is all right there - in the the Bible..... when I finally decided to really read the Bible myself, and research on certain things that I've acted upon as a Catholic, to curiously - yes curiously, to find out if it was in God's word. Honestly, it confused me. Why was I told to do some of these things, that are not listed in the Bible to do? I had so many questions.... But, in the past few months since I've been saved by the Lord, I have learned sooooo many things that I've never knew the entire 12 years or so that I was active as a Catholic. Jesus has been working on me from the inside out. He has always been knocking, I just had to open that door to let him in. I am sooo thankful that I have finally done so. His love is powerful and has changed me in so many positive ways. If any of you want to make a positive change in your life, want to wash your heart of sorrows, want to start a new.... let the Lord in, just trust in him, and his word, and he will definitely show you the way to a new positive beginning. If you reside in Oahu, Hawaii, I offer you to come out and join me and my family on Sundays at service. My family and I will be more than happy to meet you at the door and be with you during service. Just let me know - send me an email, or comment here....

When we got home from the 2nd service (we also attended the 10:45 am service), we colored eggs, and then hid some in our living room for the boys to find. I will post the colored eggs soon - with a fun game for all of you to play!!!

Ok, be blessed, sorry to be so long winded, just excited about my new found faith in the Lord - that's all.... =0)

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