March 25, 2009

Some Happy Announcements

Aloha All... some announcements to share...

  • Little C's has been acquired by a **new** owner.... I found a buyer for my Little C's store. =0) I realized that my love is rather to create than to sell these products.... Although I will no longer be running the online store, I will be heading it's Design Team. There will be BIG changes in products... so stay tuned and watch for these exciting changes.
  • Aloha RAK is coming BACK.... Tracy is passing the Aloha RAK torch back my way, come the 1st of May... are we all ready to PLAY again?! Some changes will be made for this RAK, but they will be GOOD changes!!!! =0)
  • I'm still in the "unpacking" stage of my vacation, and I think I need a vacation from my vacation, so I apologize if I don't post as many postings as I want to during this time. I will be back in full force soon. Need to catch up on sending out Thank You's and Birthday goodies, so please please please be patient, as I catch up on my daily routine.
Much Hugs n' Aloha,