March 14, 2009

Seattle Trip Day 2

Hey Guys.... It's sooooo cold!!!! Dang, I thought 69 degrees in Hawaii was FREEZING - 40 degrees here - my tush feels like it has frost bite!!! Well, today, we went out to the Quest Field Stadium (Seahawk Stadium) and did a tour of it. Amazingly HUGE compared to our Aloha Stadium. This place has features that Aloha Stadium cannot even come close to. We enjoyed the tour, however Cy and CY4 lost both their beanies somewhere along the tour... but our tour guide, Amal was a sweetie and went back to see if she could find them. Fortunately, she was able to find CY4's beanie, it's too bad she couldn't find Cy's one, but it's ok - one is better than none, right?!?!

After doing the tour, we headed back to our friend's home - as CY4 had to do a dose of ihs asthma medication, so that is when I wrote the previous post. After doing his meds, we headed back out again - and this time, towards Pike's Fish Market. We wanted the kids to see some flying fish, plus Bern needed some seafood to cook us another feast tonight (we are soooo spoiled by her).... (When we got in last night from our flight, Bern had a HUGE pot of Portuguese Bean Soup ready for us to grind!!!).

So here are a few pics taken from today.... we are now home with the Kamana'o's and about ready to eat some ono home cooking!!! Thanks for popping in.....