March 14, 2009

Seattle Bound....

Hi Peeps.... we headed to Seattle yesterday, (Friday, 3/13/09)... here are some shots of us on Hawaiian Air. Usually, I don't like to fly on a plane - ok, I HATED flying on planes, until I started walking with the Lord. Ya, there may be some of you rolling your eyes, and going "whatever" - but no, for real.... He has really brought peace, and comfort into my heart, and the fear that I had for flying has dissipated. By "He" I mean Jesus, =0)...... The flight to Seattle was pretty shaky, and I thought that I handled it pretty good. I thought Cy would've take a nap during the flight - but he stayed up the entire time!!!! At least he wasn't a pest during this time, lol... he actually did really well - although he needed to go to the bathroom a whole bunch of times!!!! We also kept him busy watching DVD's, and CY3 kept busy watching o his laptop (actually the one in the picture is mines - by this time, his battery life killed over).

CY4 had a great time on the flight too - so funny, because his classmate actually was on the same flight as we were. They got to sit together, because there was an empty seat right next to him. How awesome that worked out, right?!?! That's his friend's red head showing in the pic below... =0)

By the time we got to Seattle, it was 10:20 pm, the temp was 40 degrees. Our friends picked us up, and now we're staying with them at their house. While here in Seattle, we plan to kick back and relax. Do a little roaming around, but not much. Just wanna spend time with our family and friends. My girlfriend Bernee plans to take me to Michael's.... so I will FINALLY get to check out this craft store all you mainlanders keep bragging about. But what do I want to buy?! I guess when that time comes, I will know huh?!?! Anyways, any of you stamping sisters from Hawaii need or rather WANT something - let me know.... I can pick it up for you. Just email or text me. I don't know when we're going to go to Michael's.

Today (Saturday) we did a tour of the Questfield Stadium (Seahawk Stadium) this morning, and now heading to Pike's - but I will share photos of that on my next posting. CY4 is sick, and Cy is getting over it. But they are both in great spirits.

So that's where I'm at... and I will share with you later the pics we took today.

Miss you all!!!