March 4, 2009

More Birthday RAKs....

I have been blessed with more created Birthday RAKs.... these are awesome, just wanted to share!!!

From Dawne:

It's a Gift Card Holder... pretty cool, huh!?

Fr Evie.... very cute with the HK

From Ms. Wini... very sweet n' elegant!!!

From my recently adopted kid sister, JackieLou.... a Two Scoops Rice Design product. Very cute, eh? She did the flower scallop thingy, which she learned of through Ms. Maria.

Did an angle shot, because you know I gotta share that shimmer on the fairy's tutu....

JackieLou also created this cute adorable inspirational card holder thingy. And it's PERSONALIZED with MY NAME!! How sweet, huh?!

The pocket on the left holds th inspirational cards, and the one on the right holds the envies. Such a sweet gift.

Ok, I worked on my Christmas Challenge for this week, so for sure - I promise, the next posting will be of my creation. Thanks for always popping in.

Big Hugs,