March 19, 2009

Vacation Day 3, Day 4 & Day 5

Hey there.... sorry I haven't updated about our trip, I caught this nasty cold, or could it be allergies?! Anyways, I'm all stuffed up in the head, nose is stuffy and runny, head is pressured - I hate feeling this way!!! How can we tell if it's a cold or allergy? Do you know? I'd like to know. Well anyways, here's my lil' posting and trying to catch everyone up on what's going on with us. Sorry it isn't postings about creations - but don't worry, when I get back home, I'll start creating again. I've had a couple of people unsubscribe from my reader, due to "no longer related content"... hee hee... but my content will be related once again when I get back home, so don't worry!!!!! Anyways, here it is.....

What a surprise it was for me when I first awoke Sunday morning (3/15). I got out of bed, and as I passed one of the windows in the house - I saw something white, soft n' fluffy quickly falling from the sky. I thought, "No Way!!!! Is that snowflakes that I see falling?!" - yes it was!!!! Oh my, what a blessing!!!! I was so excited, happy and giddy all at the same time - like a little child 1st seeing snow fall. Technically, it really was the 1st time I saw snow falling, and it was amazing for me. I caught a few of it on camera, and CY3 was taking a shower - I stuck my head into the bathroom and excitedly exclaimed "Honey!!! It's snowing!!!"..... he quickly finished up to come out and see snow falling for himself. I woke Cy up, and he immediately jumped out of bed. CY4 on the other hand, wasn't feeling too well - so he slept through the whole thing. =0(

That day, we planned to head out to go and see my brother who lived in the southern part of Seattle. But not before we went to check out the shopping mall at Portland, OR. When we first entered Oregon, we were kinda hungry. It took us about 2-1/2 hours to get from point A to point B, with shi-shi stops along the way. Because we don't have a Sonic in Hawaii, we all wanted to check out what this "Sonic" was about. Ahhhh, it's alright - not like "super delicious", and actually - it was sorta like the Wendy's we have in Hawaii. But their food really hit the spot at that time, though, so I ain't complaining. For those of you that don't know about Sonic - you order your food from a speaker thingy, and then they will bring the food out to you. It's kinda like a drive thru window, but you don't drive thru - you stay there and wait n' eat. The only thing better would've been if they brought food out to you while riding skates.... lol.... that would've been cool to see - kinda reminds me of the show "Happy Days" (oh ya, Dawne - you never watched that show, ya?!). They also had a drive thru window, so I guess if you don't want to eat your meal in the parking lot - you drive off. It was nice eating with our friends, we were all cozy in the van, chomping down on food.

We then headed to Lloyd Center after eating. Ummmm... if you know me, you know that I am not a shopper. But going to the mall to me means eating some mall treats. LOL.... CY4 checked out some games at Software Etc., but didn't really find anything that he wanted (knowing that we were going to the Microsoft store in a couple of days). CY3 (my hubby) bought some stuffs from Champs, the kinda stuffs he can't get back home. Me, I picked up some, ready?!?! Cinnabons.... lol!!! They always seem to look so delish being baked behind that window.... ahhhh.... and that creamy topping.... YUMM-O!!!!! The mall also had an indoor ice skating rink... I thought that was pretty cool. After the mall, we headed to my brother's house which was about 30 minutes away. My brother had fried chicken and another chicken dish ready for all of us to eat. (I LOVE Chicken - and I think I told him that, or maybe he loves it too?!). I met his wife and son for the 2nd time in my life - last time I saw them was back in 2002, Cy wasn't even born yet!!! So it was pretty cool to hang out - oh, and guess what?! He had a Karaoke Mic thingy... I know all of you that Karaoke's know about this mic... it has like 300 songs ona chip that you can insert into the mic, and sing to your heart's content. Well, that's what they had. He busted that thing out - and we went to TOWN!!!!! We took over his mic and sang for like 2-1/2 hours on that thing. CY4, Dan, Bern n' I were having a great time!!! So great, that Bern fell in love with it, and left WANTING one!!!! So our goal for the next few days were to hunt it down, and find out where we could buy one like it!!! I know that the Don Quijote in Hawaii sells them - but wasn't sure if they had one here in WA.

When we got back home to our friend's house, we were hungry again (LOL!!!!), and Bern brought out left overs as well as cooked up a pot of corn chowder - I tell ya, she spoils us!!! The next day we were set to head to Canada!!!! I also started coming down with this cold (or allergy)... I was super cold, and just so tired. Couldn't breathe, and couldn't stop sniffling!!! But that corn chowder really hit the spot, and make me warm all over - but I have to be honest, I couldn't taste it, and that I'm really bummed about!!!

We started day 4 on time (did we really?!). We wanted to be in Canada by noon, and in order to do that - we had to leave the house between 8:30 am - 9 am. We left at 8:40 am.... I was already sick, sick, sick!!! LOL... but I persevered, and pulled through. CY3 offered me to stay home, and he would go and take the boys with Dan n' Bern, but I didn't want to miss the look on their faces... no way - not for the world!!!! So, I layered on clothing after clothing - but I don't think I layered enough, I was still cold no matter what. We were heading to Canada, and going to Grouse Mountain. We had couple shi-shi stops along the way, infact, I think only 1 was necessary. That's the only thing about layering so much, when I go bathroom, everything must come off... ugh!!! When we got to Grouse Mountain, we took the Sky Ride to the top of the mountain. That was pretty fun, and amazing to see all the snow top covered trees below us. We went up n' up n' up til' we were 3,700 ft high!!! It was unbelievably breath taking. When we got to the top though - it was a different story. There was limited sight up there. Very very smoky like, snow was falling, and I guess the smoky look was because of this. The kids were so excited when we got to the top, and wanted to immediately play in the snow. They made snow angels, and snowballs which they gave to Dan n' Bern to save in their freezer - until our next visit. It was so fun to watch the kids' faces light up with glee, and watching them having a great time with snow. But man, only if it was as cold as sand.... we'd stay there forever. =0) Another thing, online it shows that Grouse Mountain is just 15 minutes away from downtown - what they don't tell you is that you have to go through downtown to get to Grouse Mountain, what took us more than 40 minutes to go through. After going through downtown, it was a breeze getting there.

We haded back home after a few hours, and stopped off at the Duty Free right at the Canadian border. Upon leaving, we were stopped at the border. CY3 n' I only had our Driver's License as forms of US Citizenship!! The border guy was giving us a hard time about not being US Citizens. I was like... "Are U Serious!?!" - I totally had thoughts of being stranded behind, and STUCK!!! I had a rush of agony run through me, for a quick second, and then he "ok'd" us to go through. Said that come June 2009, that it is a MUST to have forms of identification that can prove that we are US Citizens. So, if you travel there - I would just say, take your Birth Certificate or Naturalization papers with you, to save you some time and stress. I must apologize to the Cal Gals for not meeting up with them - I wish I had more time visiting Canada. It was such a short day in Canada, but it was truly an experience that we all enjoyed!!!

Dinner that night was going to be from Famous Dave's. Dan n' Bern raved about their ribs there, and boy was I ready to sink my teeth into them ribs. I was sick but I was ready to try it. Unfortunately, I didn't get the full effect of my taste buds, therefore I only got to experience the meat falling off the ribs, and not so much the taste of them. Oh well.... but they had such a huge spread... we loved it - great pick for dinner guys!!!! It was a wonderful feast, and the next day we were sleeping in, because our next day was a day full of shopping!!!

Day 5 I woke up still feeling sick. I was really hoping that I wasn't going to get sick on this trip - and CY3 was starting to feel it as well. Just not as bad as me. But I just did what I could. Our plans for Day 5 was to hit the Microsoft Store, Pacific Science Center, Best Buy and Michael's. We were still on the hunt to get that Karaoke Mic for Bern, and I wanted to check out Michael's. That was our first stop. One of my readers sent me 50% off Michael's coupon, and that was soooo awesome of her to do so - thanks Pat!!!! I used it on a clear acrylic stamp set that I know I wouldn't be able to find in Hawaii. I didn't go nuts... but I purchased some stuffs to at least say I shopped at the famous "Michael's". After Michael's, we headed to the Pacific Science Center. The kids had a blast there. We took CY4 there about 5 years ago, and boy have they made a lot of changes since then. We stayed there for about 2 hours. Checked out all the exhibits, and even enjoyed the Butterfly room, where you walk in a room full of butterflies - flying around n' about. We had to be careful not to step on any of them. We had to hurry and finish up at the PSC, because we wanted to have enough time to shop at the Microsoft Store. We bought a whole bunch of things at the Microsoft store. Dan - CY4's God Daddy works for Microsoft, therefore we were able to check out the Microsoft Museum, and test out all these different models of Microsoft products out there in today's market. Then shopping at the Microsoft store... programs, games, products, clothing, all Microsoft... I was sick n' sitting on the bench outside of the store was the option I chose. Which was a very good option, and glad that I did it - because I had to get as much rest as I could. CY3 n' CY4 did all the shopping, and they did just fine!!!

After all the shopping - we headed home, and Bern cooked up a chicken feast. Chicken Long Rice for me, Chicken Katsu and Garlic Chicken.... so onolicious!!! Did I mention that she spoils us?! This was our last night with our dear friends. We had such a great time with them. We were able to pack in a lot of things to do with them, in such a short lil' time, and it was soooo well worth it. Now, we're heading to Sacramento to spend some time with my sister, Nash... so I'll update you on that soon!!!

Thanks for reading..... see ya all again real soon!!!!

Sleepless In Seattle,