March 5, 2009

Birthday RAK Club New Members & Some Questions for You

Aloha.... the birthday RAK club has new members - please welcome:
  • Margie Cortina
  • Grace Balderas
  • Eunice Chong
Also - for those of you that are already members, I wanted to ask - do you receive email "reminders" of people's birthdays that are upcoming? If not, would like to receive them? If majority of the members would like to be reminded, I would like to find a feature in having this done. So, let me know... I think it will be easier for all of us to get our birthday RAKs out if we're reminded at least 2 weeks, or 3 weeks ahead?

Thank you in advance for everyone's advice....

For those that may be interested in joining in.... click on the calendar located in the left sidebar of my blog, and read the guidelines... then email me with the info required.

Jen Young