February 27, 2009


Ok, here are all the winners of yesterday's partyin'... please email me at littlecs7@gmail.com with your snail mail (mailing address) so that I can get the packages out to you. Packages will be sent out on Monday, March 2nd....


Giveaway #1:
Blogger Monika/Buzsy said...

Happy Birthday!
On a school day, unless I am already up and feeding Baby, I :
1. turn alarm off
2. go the the bathroom
3. wash my hands
4. wake up DS
5. get dressed

Giveaway #2:

Jeanna Bohanon

Giveaway #3:

Tracy.H said...

Okay...this looks like fun!

1. Greeting Farm - gotta love those Anya stamps!
2. High Hopes - They are just such cute images and so fun to color
3. Penny Black - Love those Hedgies
4. Hanna Stamps - I just LOVE Riley!
5. Vere Stamps - Love all of Julees designs...great for the more formal non-cutesy cards.

Giveaway #4:

Rachel V. said...

I am having a blast! You throw a great party Jen. :)

B'fast: Coffee
Lunch: Water
Dinner: Pepsi

Giveaway #5: - Great cartoons, brought back such fun memories!!!

Jennifer R. said...

Scooby Doo
GI Joe
Strawberry Shortcake
My Little Pony

Ok, I'm 31 next Tuesday so I think we grew up with the same ones...right? LOL!

Giveaway #6: - Everyone made/reposted such great cards!!! I will be stopping by shortly to post a comment of thanks!!!

Rleen said...

Hi Jen,
I just posted a Birthday card that I would like to dedicate to you :)
Here's the link . Please come check it out. Thanks!

WOW! Those are gorgeous, all those are in my top 5 faves stamps. Mahalo for the chance to win these yummyyyy goodies....


Giveaway #7: - funny rhymes! u guys really cracked me up on this one, esp u, Jillz - with the Chili...

Rita said...

Skinny, skinny your a ninny! I just remembered that one, don't even know what grade that was when we used to say that one!

Giveaway #8:

de said...

My real name is Rene Deanne. My parents called me DeDe when I was little. I dropped a De as I got older. I don't care for any of my names... I was suppose to be a Kimberly Jean, but my cousin got it first. I always wanted that name. Ohwell.

Giveaway #9:

Lisa Lou said...

Sushi. I love sushi rolls but only the ones that are fried, lol. Delicious.

Giveaway #10: - this was FUN!!

Vina T said...


Giveaway #11: - another fun one!! towards the end, the word "terd" kept coming up!!

Maria said...

stir fry

Giveaway #12:

jovi said...

I was 23
No kids then, now I have a 2yr old
No stamping just got into it 3 yrs ago
Go to church, my walk with the lord has been going strong for the last 3yrs
Very thankful where I am now, very blessed and loved.

Giveaway #13: - OMGosh how HILARIOUS was this game?!?! I loved, loved, loved going back in time and reminiscing about the hot supah stars that used to make our heart flutter!!! I was initially going to ask who was your first crush, and if you still keep in touch with him/her?? - but soooo happy I went with the Supah Star question, everyone had a list of HOTTIES!!!!

Joann said...

Oh man, I had many! And I'd make my dad buy me Tiger Beat so I could have posters on my walls. I think I had a button collection too. Here's my SHORT LIST (HA!) of super star crushes that come to mind....
-John Taylor (Duran Duran)
-Justin Bateman
-Kirk Cameron
-Jordan from NKOTB
-Michael Schoefling (16 Candles)

Giveaway #14:

Christine said...

This was so much fun. I especially liked the parts where you had look back on our lives. Soooooo much fun!!!

Nitey nite.

I just want to say THANKS for a Fun Great Day!!! I loved reading everyone's response, esp the ones that brought us back into time. I soooo wanna do more games like these. So be on a lookout. No can promise a FULL day of partyin'... but just be on a lookout - Blog Anniversary is right around the corner!!! LOL!!!!