February 12, 2009

Valentine Goodie Bags for Cy's Class

Hey Everybody, Cy has school from Mon thru Thurs only. So last night, I hurried along to make these adorable personalized tags for each of his classmates, including himself and his 3 teachers. I only gave them 2 candies each - Nerds and Fun Dip. I LOVE Fun Dip - I LOVE Nerds too!!! So all the left overs will be MINES!!! LOL!!! I got both images via the internet. Thought a cute Hello Kitty image would be perfect for the girls, and Curious George for the boys. I used "Pristina" font for their names.

I laminated each personalized tag, and added a plastic loop to it. They will be able to add their tag to something that belongs to them. =0)

On another note - I wanted to let you know that I am bringing back my "talk stories" to this blog. It can get kinda nuts to go back n' forth trying to update each blog. If you have been with me since the beginning on this blog, you already know how crazy I am about making changes all the time. Always trying to do new things, and yet finding ways in doing them simply. Ok, nuff, lets get on to what I wanna share with you today. Yesterday, there was a tornado that touched down on Oahu, the Kapolei part of our island. How exciting and scary! Thank God no one was severely hurt.... and that it hit a golf course at that!!! I think Maria even lived near this area when she lived here. Here's a video to check it out... Ok, apparently I cannot add the video to my blog. So here is a link to the actual video itself. You can check it out, by clicking here.

Now, today is a little prettier than it was yesterday. It is still a little cloudy, but this morning, I caught a pic of this gorgeous rainbow....

Hope you are having beautiful day where you are!

Hugs n' Aloha,