February 25, 2009

Caterpillar "Squirm" 2009

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Every year this time of year, we get an abundance amount of caterpillars around our house, and we get to watch them turn to chrysalis then to butterflies. Every year, we try n' catch 1 caterpillar to watch it's beautiful God given transformation. It's fun for the kids, and just a real treat for all of us to watch. I will post a photo daily, or after each transformation.... come back n' check on "Squirm's" progress. So far, here are the photos that have already been taken:

CY4 with Cy holding Squirm, as he 1st was welcomed into our home:Squirm on my hand:
Squirm warming up to me:

Squirm waving 'hello' to the camera:
Squirm checking out the tile in our house:

Squirm balancing on the tip of my fingers:
Squirm, finally in his new home:

Squirm gets comfy on the twig in his new home:

1/31: Day 1 @ 5 pm - Squirm is already in position to start making his transformation into a chrysalis:

Cy watches in awe:

2/1: Day 2 @ 7 AM: Squirm has been hanging in that position for 12 hours now. Still no chrysalis!!:
2/1: Day 2 @ Noon: Wow!!! Look at Squirm now!!! His transformation is amazing!!! When we returned from church this morning, Squirm was already formed like this, but his chrysalis is still a little bumpy here. We could also see him squirming around a little in there:

2/1: Day 2 @ 4 PM: Squirm is now a full chrysalis!!! His outsides are smooth like the outsides of an Advil liquid gel!!! It's color is bright green, and there is no longer any squirming going on. He is now at a state of "wait n' watch"... and that is exactly what we'll be doing from here on forward.
Come back daily to see a daily photo of Squirm's transformation.....

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Here is Squirm today... still nice, warm n' cozy in it's cocoon. If you're wondering what that black thing is at the top of it's cocoon, I am guessing it shed it's outer layer of skin. I've read online that the next stages will take about 2 weeks before our lil' Squirm becomes a butterfly. So be prepared for photos that almost look like repeats. By the way, Squirm is facing head down. =0)



Hey All...

Here are photos of Squirm today.... I am so much enjoying these photos with Cy in there checking out Squirm's progress.... he looks so intrigued.


Here are the last of the pics taken of the butterfly. I was bummed, because I missed the end of it's transformation. Hopefully we'll be able to catch another caterpillar and watch it's changes again....

These photos were taken on 2/12/09:

Cy gives "Squirm" a "g'bye & best wishes" kiss...

Last look at Squirm in his container...

I begin to carefully remove Squirm from his home. I offered Cy to do it, but he passed the offer.

Last pic of Squirm before his flight...

Off he goes... that's him (the dot the arrow is pointing to).
That was fun, huh?!?!