February 27, 2009

Birthdyay RAKs.....

Hey All, wasn't yesterday crazy fun?!?! I had so much fun reading everyone's comments, and I keep going back to read them all over again. I also wanted to share the birthday RAKs I've received. These are sooo cute and most definitely appreciated!!

From Jenny of Jenny's Creations:

Check out this cute bag, hopefully I can create one with the Cricut....

Jenny also made me 2 tasty red velvet cupcakes.. oh sooo onolicious!!!

I shared my 2nd cupcake with the cuppycake of my life....
oh, and a cup of coffee really helped the day get started this morning....

From Rina of Heartful Stamping:

Rina also sent me a Couple's Devotional book to further develop our walk with the Lord. CY3 and I are looking forward in reading this book together. Thanks Farrar Family!!!

From Vina: these Anya's are surely a hit with the local girls here in Hawaii.... Vina also sent me some buttons n' flowers - can't wait to use them, girl!!!

From Colleen: Colleen spoiled me with lotsa Hello Kitty adorable products!!! Thank you for being so sweet Colleen!! What a sweet card as well...

From De of Musing of a Stampin' De-Va:

De also sent some CTMH stamps, and a valentine goodie - I'll share that in another post....

From Rita of Rita's Little Corner:

I am looking forward in using this bubble fizzing ball, will need to wait til' all kids are in school... hoooo... how exciting!!! Rita also sent me some fabulous goodies to play with, can't wait to use them girl!!! You sent sooo much!!!

Here is Rita's 3D card... I LOVE it!!!

From my neighbor and reader, Charlotte:

Charlotte also sent me some goodies to alter - can't wait to play with them, together with a needle kit - she said it's to keep me in stitches.... lol!!! Thanks Char!!

Last n' definitely not least.... from my newest BFF on the block (inside joke)... Michelle Ueligitoni of Mushi's Creative Inspirations:

How cute is this card?!?!

Now... how CUTE is this darling purse?!?! There were tons of goodies hidden in there too!!!

Michelle also gave me an adorable umbrella - it's pinky w/polka dots too!!! TOOO CUTE!!!! I can't wait to use it... I want it to rain...NOW!!!!

Ok peeps, I cannot thank you all enough for all of your generosity and kindness. All of you are a blessing in my life, and I thank the Lord for having you in my circle of friends. Thank you for your gifts, your messages, your comments, your emails, your phone calls....I am truly blessed!!!

Have a great weekend.... time to get back to creating!!!

Big Hugs,