February 26, 2009

Birthday Giveaway #8

HelloooOoooo... already at 1 pm Hawaii Time. What am I doing?!?! I'm hanging out at my mom's, having a delicious lunch n' onolicious cake - and totally enjoying this party going on over here (on my blog!!). Thanks for making this sooo much fun, people!!! Here's whats up for grabs in this giveaway #8:
  • Hanna - Cat Woman
  • Sarah Kay - Picnic of Daisies
  • Q&C: Beads
  • Q&C: Christmas Brads

What you need to do is write post a comment with your name, and tell me why you either love or don't like your name.

Although my name "Jen" is a nickname, my real name is "Janeth". At first, I didn't really like my real name, but now, I think it's very unique n' sexy like I am. =0) However, the nickname "Jen" is very sentimental, as during my childhood years, only my family members were allowed to call me "Jen".... what's your story?

Good Luck!!!