February 26, 2009

Birthday Giveaway #7

Birthday Giveaway #7....

  • Pink Cat Studio: Lily & Billy Sweethearts
  • Magnolia: Darecarlia Horse (she's holding a wooden horse).
  • Making Memories: Charmed Phrases (goes great w/the PCS set in this giveaway!!)
  • Q&C: Beads

Remember always making up some rhyming in elementary? Of course you n' your friends would come up with some n' then share with others. If you can remember some rhymes back then, share one with me... I used to like the color rhyming... "green, green, gasoline" or "red, red, bo-lo-head", "yellow, yellow - mar-sha-mellow"... LOL.... I can go on all day... ok, so share me some rhymes that you made up when you were a little kid...

Good Luck!!!