February 26, 2009

Birthday Giveaway #13

It's 6 pm Hawaii time... for some of you it is midnight!! Well, there hasn't been a lot of Hawaii girls playing... and although I was only going to run this party til' 6 pm Hawaii time - I am giving away 1 more package after this one.... so the party is EXTENDED for 1 more hour - til' 7 pm Hawaii time. At least the Hawaii girls (or former Hawaii girls - those on the West coast) can play a little longer, and have more chances...

Here's what's in package #13:
  • Hanna: Rainy Days
  • Magnolia: Tilda holding Thistle
  • CB Folder: Bird Call
  • Q&C: Hook Ups: Blues n' Pinks
What to do.....

Comment here who your 1st Supah Star crush was.... I think mines were several... I remember Ralph Macchio (Karate Kid... where the heck is he NOW?!) - there was no Brad Pitt back then... LOL.... oh John Travolta was hot in Grease... I wished I was Oliva Newton-John back then (and wished I could sing too!!)... hmm, who else?! I guess Ralph n' Johnny are the only two popping in my mind right now... I'll post if I think of anyone else. Ok, your turn!!

Good Luck!!!