February 26, 2009

Birthday Giveaway #12

Giveaway #12....

  • CB Folder - Haunted Halloween
  • Magnolia: Tilda w/Braids
  • Whiff of Joy: Matthew w/Presents
  • Making Memories: Wedding III
  • Q&C: Hook Ups - Orange n' Green ones...

Where has the day gone, huh?! It's almost OVER!!! I want this one to be fun.... ummmm let's see.... share with me these 5 things about you, that happened 5 years ago:

  • Your Age
  • How many kids you had then, and how much you have now, or if you even had them
  • Was Stamping in your life back then?
  • Something you didn't do back then, and now do it daily
  • Are you surprised at where you are today, compared at where you were 5 years ago?
Here are my answers:
  • I was 31
  • I only had 1 child, CY4 was only 7 years old (WOW!!!), my youngest, Cy wasn't even thought of yet - nor conceived!!! This is trippy to think back....
  • Oh yes, most definitely!! Stamping has been my life for the past 14+ years!!! I am still loving it!!!
  • I didn't pray back then, and I didn't walk with the Lord back then, I now pray daily, and I always ask for the Lord to guide me, to be a better Christian, and to help lead my daily life. I'm so blessed that he really is showing me the way.... sooo blessed that I am walking in his path.
  • I am surprised, and I am humbled. I love the life I am living, and I can only thank the Good Lord for all that he has given me. Thank You, Jesus!!!!
Good Luck!!!