February 26, 2009

Birthday Giveaway #10

We have only 4 giveaways more to go.... wow!!! Here's what is in giveaway #10:
  • Magnolia: Tilda w/Braids
  • CC Designs: Hey Chicky
  • Whiff of Joy: Matthew Lying Down
  • Q&C: Flowers
  • Q&C: Christmas Brads
Let's play a game this hour!!! It's the WORD GAME... my favorite!!!

**HOW TO PLAY*** Ok, this is fairly simple.... Each time you come here, check out the last word that was posted by the last commenter, comment in your post the word that YOU first think of. For example... If I start with "green" the next commenter might say "grass" and then next may say "cows" etc., etc.,

Let's begin with the word >>>>>>> SUNSHINE

Good Luck!!!