February 23, 2009

Another Digi Scrapped Page: Our 1st Date of 2009

Hey All...

My girl Jen Tapler (a local girl from Maui) whom I met via email a few months back, started a new scrapbook layout group called Scrappy Sunday. I have been signing up with different challenges, lately - most of them for cards, and I thought that it would be neat to sign up with a scrapbook layout challenge. So, when Jen put out the invite to join the group - I was so there!!!

Here is the SB layout for this week, created by Jen. I used a photo from our 1st date this year. We went to eat at Aaron's. Very romantic, very delicious food.... oh my, my chomps are watering just thinking about it all over again. Trying to think what I had for dinner... lol!! It wasn't really that long ago. It was just a couple of weeks ago! DUH!! My memory almost can't think that far back... but I am pretty sure I had a combo of Lobster tail n' Steak. In this photo, CY3 n' I are toasting to a new year, full of Christ, Love and Admiration. I'm lookin' kinda chunky, huh?! LOL!! I better get back to the exercising table.... my hair needs a little fluff to it too!! Whoa!!

What I used: I digi scrapped this page. I can't remember what elements they are (sorry!!) - I purchased them a loooong time ago (like when I first started getting into digi scrapping!!!). The elements are so pretty n' elegant, I thought it would be great for this photo.

I have another photo of which CY3 n' I are glasses-less... I'll use that photo for the next layout. I still need to create a card for this week's Christmas challenge... **sigh** don't worry, I'll get on top of it (one day!!!) eventually....

Have an awesome week!!