January 6, 2009

A Tutorial: Easy Peasy Gift Card Holder

Hey All... how's it going!!?? A reader of mines, Mary Bennett had emailed me a couple of times how I have lacked in posting tutorials on my blog. LOL!!! She is really a sweet lady... and I aim to please her. So hopefully, this year, I will try and post MORE tutorials (yes Mary, I hope you are smiling BIG TIME!!!), and some tutorials may be even ones I've already done, but with updated material. That should be fun, huh?! Ok, so here is the Easy Peasy Gift Card Holder I told ya I'd post. I had this as the make and take at my Christmas party this past December. I wanted something easy, peasy but not sleazy. LoL!!! Let's begin, here's what you need to create this GC...

  • Paper Cutter (which will double as a scoring tool
  • Scallop Punch
  • Paper Crimper
  • Scor Tool
  • Sentiment Stamp
  • Adhesive (ATG GUN)
  • Black Ink Pad
  • Digital Image printed fr my computer
  • Cardstock size 4-1/4" x 8-1/2"
  • Cardstock size 1" x 8-1/2"
  • DS Paper size 3" x 4"
I have to hurry - because I'm heading out to take Cy to his 4 yr physical check up... poor thing.. he doesn't know that he'll be getting 2-3 shots today.... yikes!!! I'll let you all know how it goes....

Step One... Take the 4-1/4" x 8-1/2" cardstock, and score @ 1-5/8":

Slide the CS over, and score at 5-1/4":

Here's what it'll look like after scoring:

Now you're going to add adhesive to the 2 sides of the shorter scored section, where I've typed "adhesive" is where it would go:

Fold the shorter flap up, and you have the section where your card will fit in:

Now fold the top part over, and you are going to take the DS paper, and adhere to the other side of the flap... I like this DS paper - it's from DCWV's Christmas Pack...

Here's what it'll look like, neatly layered n' all:

Now take the 1" x 8-1/2" cardstock, and run through the paper crimper, crank, crank, crank all the way through....

Take the crimped cardstock, and wrap around the GC holder. Connect the ends in the front of your holder, so that it will be hidden by the image you are about to adhere to it.

Take your image that was punched out using the Scallop Punch, and then adhere to the crimped cardstock piece. Then stamp your sentiment in the black ink pad, and stamp it directly unto the DS paper...

Tada!!! All Pau!!!

Ok, see ya all later.... Too-Da-Loooooo!!!