January 7, 2009

More Gift Card Holders

Cy's appointment yesterday went normal. He had 3 shots, one of which was on his arm (TB), and the other 2 in 1 leg each. The doctor told him that he could have 1 cookie, and 2 stickers when he was done, and he sweetly asked (with a little sobbing to his voice), "how about 2 cookies and 2 stickers instead?"... yea, he got what he asked for, and it was well deserved. Way to go, Baby Boy!!!

Yesterday, I posted a tutorial in making these cute Gift Card Holders. They were so easy to make, and I'm glad that many of you agreed with me. I had so much fun making them, and really - they will go well for any occasion that you give Gift Cards for, right? Birthdays, Weddings, Graduation... you just gotta change the look on the outside..... here are more of the Gift Cards holders that I made..... DS if from DCWV, and the image again from Designer Digitals, I believe they are all of Nancy Kubo designs.

Updated: These cuties were drawn by Mindy Terasawa (Nancy's SIL). They both have the same style. Nancy is a Graphic Designer and taught Mindy. So their style is very similar.
I just changed the layout on each of them here n' there.... Thank you Claudette (IslanderGirl) for this info!!!

Ok, gotta go - we're off to see Granny today (she's Cy's Great Grandmother), and some other things that we gotta do. So, have a nice day!!!