January 27, 2009

Money Envelope Holder - A Video & Game to win these creations!!!!

I've started something weekly... you know me, always trying something new. I've started to give away my creations, as prizes for these silly games I like play. Last week, I had the game on PCP, and it was called "Keep One, Drop One word game" - that game went well, and the winner of that prize - which was the Hello Kitty Purse n' Note Pad set that I had (with Chocolate Macadamia Nut Hershey Kisses), was won by Gracie!! Those that participated were entered into my drawing, and then a winner was randomly chosen. I would like to continue this kinda games, and if you would like to play - then you will win. HOWEVER - I will be moving this game to Thursdays, because on Tuesdays, it'll be Little C's Challenges!!!! Yay!!!! So, gotta keep those days open so I can make sure I am doing them challenges, right!!?!?! Monday's I'll have the Christmas Blog Challenges... I want to somehow pre-designate themes of cards for me to create, so I'm not stuck in the "hmmmm... what to create now?" mode. I hope I can have a daily challenge for myself... but bwahahahahaha... am not sure if that's going to happen!!! Hahahhaa... Ok.. nuff with the ramblings, Jen - share your project, and get ready to PLAY ALONG!!!!!

For today's project & game prize, I created 5 Money Holder Envelopes. All were cut on my Cricut Machine, and the template for the envelopes was created by Your's Truly. =0) I used the George cartridge with my Design Studio program, and went to work. Brian gave me an Acuccut template to work off of. Yea!!! That was fun creating!!! I also made a video, so that for those interested in the Cricut Machine, can get a feel of how it works.

To give each envie a look of it's own, I've used my cuttlebug mini embossing folders. Pretty simple right!?!

I am not sure if Money Envie's are popular in your area, I mean, everyone loves receiving cash, but in a designed envie? It's either placed in a card, or nowadays giving Gift Cards are more popular. I know that the oldies here in Hawaii are used to giving money in a money envelope. Even the banks here have courtesy money holder envies for their customers that like to use them. At least I think theyare free . I used to see them from Bank of Hawaii. If any of your locals know what I'm talking about, please shed a light on me.....

Anyways, so these are the 5 Money Holder Envies that could possibly be YOUR's!!! If you play along, you name will be entered into my drawing, and then I will randomly select a winner. SO, here's the game n' the details on how to play....


***HOW TO PLAY*** Ok, this is fairly simple.... Each time you come here, check out the last word that was posted by the last commenter, comment in your post the word that YOU first think of. For example... If I start with "green" the next commenter might say "grass" and then next may say "cows" etc., etc., - each time you play, your name is entered into the drawing, there is no limit. Just keep the game going.

Game ends on Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009 at 6 am Hawaii Time. The winner will be announced on that day, or on Wednesday. A new game n' creation will be posted on Thursday of that week.

Let's begin with the word >>>>>>> SMILE

For those of you that have the Design Studio program, and would like to download this Money Holder Envie , you need the George Basic Shape cartridge. Please click here to download the cut file.

Here is what the inside of the envie looks like....

Ok wait - before you go, here's my video showing how I cut one of these Money Holder Envies. Enjoy!! I have fun making it....