January 8, 2009

Cy's Trip to the ER....

Oh sistahs... yesterday was CRAY-Zeeeee.... it started off nice n' pleasant, we had the day planned to go an pick up Gramma n' Grampa and then go over to Granny's house (Cy's Great Grama). So that we did... we went and got Gramma n' Grampa, went to the bank (photo of him swinging on the pole outside the bank), was driving on the road behind Angie (but didn't know it til' she posted on my Facebook....lol!!!), and then off to Granny's. Granny is 92 years old... and Cy is kinda scared of her, well, probably not her herself, but her looks. White hair, sagging skin, no teeth when she smiles... hahaa, but she's got a funny laugh and loves her lil' Cy-Cy to BITS. It's too bad that he hides his face when we're there (see photo of him here covering his ears n' trying to keep his eyes closed?...lol!! that was taken while visiting Granny). But I think after a few visits he'll get used to seeing her. After Granny's visit, we headed to pick up Chinese food, took the food home to my mom's and ate there. After lunch, Cy wanted to go downstairs and play with CY4's glass chess board game. We played 2 games... and then he decided it was time to put them away. The glass board was cracked at the edge, and when he lifted the board, the glass cut into his right thumb, causing blood to come gushing out. "Blood!!! Blood!!!", I heard him scream.... immediately, I rushed over to him, grabbed his hand and applied pressure to his wound... lifted hi arm so that it was above his heart, and carried him to the bathroom. I grabbed some tissue paper to stop the bleeding, and when I went to take a look at his cut, blood came gushing out AGAIN!!!! I decided that this wound would not heal just with bandaid... it was an ER situation. Oh My!!!! I called my girlfriend Lori, as it was already 2:15 pm, nearing the end of school for CY4, so I asked her if she could get the kids from school for me. Then off to the hospital were we.... my mom came with me, because I asked her to apply pressure to Cy's wound, and hold it up during the ride over to the hospital. Was I calm? I was in a stable condition. Staying calm kept him calm, and believe it or not, it kept me calm. Upon reaching ER, they took us in immediately, added topical solution to numb his thumb. After the numbing took place, they put a needle into his thumb to numb it even further!! You can imagine the pain he was already going through... but he perservered, and I kept reassuring him that I was there for him, and that he was so brave!!! Once his thumb was put at ease, the stitches went in.... 2 lil' stitches... and then it was all over. He was still sad after the whole thing was done, but before we went to get CY4, we stopped off at Leonard's to get Cy some Malasadas. This really made him smile.

Today, I took him to see his pediatrician, it was originally an appointment to see if his TB test was positive or negative (he had his physical shots 2 days ago), and funny that we were now going there also for another reason. His doctor took off the bandages, and cleaned the wound out. But all in all, he's doing great.

Thank you to all of my Facebook sistahs that have left me sweet messages and concerns about Cy n' I. Cy is doing fine, and is being such a strong lil' fella. I am A-Ok, and loved being brave for him. There's no where else I'd rather be... KWIM?!!?!

Big Hugs,