January 13, 2009

Cup Holder

Good Morning Tuesday All.... I wanted to share this cup holder that I made for some of my relatives as Christmas presents. I originally saw this cup holder on Chalsie's blog - Paper Kisses. This girl has unbelievable projects, I know that you will truly enjoy and feel inspired by what she creates. Be sure to stop by and check her out, you will NOT be disappointed!!! She is also a local girl from Hawaii, so you know that that means.... SUPER CUTE STUFFS!!!!! So anyways, Chalsie made these cup holders, that inspired Michelle, Joy and I to create. We were talking about it at Teri's Christmas party, and decided that one of us needed to figure out how Chalsie made her cup holder and CASE it. Michelle took the lead, and showed us the way. I was soooo happy, because she broke it down, and made it sooo easy n' simple to follow. She posted a tutorial, so if you wanna see how she made it, check it out here. So thank you Chalsie n' Michelle for this awesome inspiration, the project really came in handy. I purchased the dixie cups from Walmart (in the forks and paper plates section), and I put hot chocolate packets, candy cane, and some jumbo marshmallows in each cup. But really, you could go beyond just hot chocolate packets... you could put cookies in each cup, or lotion bottles on each side..... even slip in a gift card holder for a treat to somewhere. The holders were so easy to do and quick to do, and could be used for ANY occassion.

I used the SU! Dog Tag to make the hole for the handles, cardstock is of Bazzill Basics, and you know their cardstock is not sturdy, but they held well together. The DS paper are of Die Cuts With A View. I wrapped 2 jumbo marshmallows in a lil' cello bag, and tied with red organdy ribbon.

I then wrapped the entire cup holder in cellophane plastic, and tied with a thick red grosgrain ribbon, which really, if I was to receive it, I wouldn't want to open it. LOL!!! You know how you get some stuffs, and the wrapping outside is soooo pretty, you don't want to open it?! Ya, I was thanking God that I wasn't the one receiving my gift, because I would have trouble getting even pass the wrapping. LOL!! Too pretty. I should call my aunty and find out if she was able to open it. LOL!!! Ok, nuff of tooting my horn on my wrapping... just that I really really like it when the cellophane looks so perky, and the ribbon is holding it's formation tightly.... just looks good that way n' all, ya know!!?! What do you think?!!

On another note... I wanted to ask you how your year is going? Has it started off the way you wanted it to?! For me n' my family, it felt like it didn't change. We were still starting the days rushing, and going on our busy way throughout the day, come home, eat dinner, then hit the sack, then start the rush all over again. We didn't make any New Year's resolutions, but there are a few major things my family and I wanted to change this year, and really - it has to start within ourselves, if we really want to make the change.

We've tried many years to accomplish this, and no matter how hard we tried, and how we thought we were so close in succeeding, it really never came to that point of what we were striving for. So now, we have turned to the Lord for guidance.... We started attending a Christian Church, the same one of which my fellow stamping sister, Rina attends with her family. I know a lot of my close friends are thinking, "what?!!? Jen in church?!!!".... LOL!! Or maybe not them, at least that is what I was thinking of myself..... infact, I had all these jokes running through my mind, especially "oh no, once I step into church, I going melt...." but you know what? I didn't melt.... LOL!! I am still here, and as a person, I am beginning to know that peace that I was looking for. As a family, we are working on building a stronger bond with Jesus, in which will make a stronger bond within ourselves for our family. I have told many of my friends and relatives that going to church were for weak-minded people, and for a long time I felt that my husband and I could do it on our own. We never prayed, never asked for guidance, and never asked for anything, and things (not relationship related) were going downhill. Just THINGS around and within us... and I finally gave up, and told my hubby let's go to church and ask for guidance, I admit, we are weak minded ourselves. So this is where we are at now. I won't be preaching on here, I just wanted to give you an update of what's going on with me. I have always been a positive person, but I am ready for that positiveness to take me to a higher level... I believe with his guidance, I will get there, together with my family by my side. I look forward in sharing my stories of this change, within my postings. I hope you'll look forward to them too!!

If you stayed this long, thank you for reading my post.... I hope you have a beautiful day and a blessed week.

Big Bum-Boooooo-Cha Hugs to all of You!!!! Now, go make that Cup Holder... cause ain't it TOOOO CUTE?!?!?!