January 19, 2009

Congratulations CY4!!!

Oh My Dears.... CY3 and I are soooo proud of CY4!!! 2nd quarter is over - I can't believe how quick time has flown by and the school year is already half way through!!! Anyways, last quarter, CY4 made HONOR ROLL!!!! This quarter we are happy to announce that he has made the PRESIDENT'S LIST!!!! HOLY GUACAMOLE!!! Sistahs, I have NEVER EVER in my whole entire school life made grades THIS HIGH!!!!! Praise God!!!! He has blessed us with a wonderful hard working, go-getter son, and he just keeps surprising us with all of his accomplishments!!! I can only pray that Cy will be just as successful as CY4 is. I just HAD TO share his report card here.... so that you all can share in the excitement as well (of course!).

Way To Go, Babe!!!! We are all so proud of you!!! Love, Mom, Dad n' Brother.....