December 6, 2008

Terri K's Calendars


Terri K: Hello?

Me: Terri.... dis Jen, I stay down the street, had to come into town to drop of something to CY4 for school, I no like drive back all the way home, and Cy is sleeping.... so what? Can come ovah?

Terri K (in her retired teacher voice): Suuure!! See you in a bit.

Me: Ok, see you soon, thanks ah!!!

20 minutes later (after picking up McD's), I was in Terri K's house, plopped Cy on her pull out bed, looked around her house and admired her well organized house. I could not help thinking to myself... "do I have to wait til' retirement for my house to actually start coming together? because dang....thats a long time from now".... I'm motivated to get organized, but I don't know where to start. I asked Terri if she could hold a class on organizing my mess. Hahaha... While raoming around her house... she shared with me these calendars that she made for a bunch of people... check these out:

Cy was so thrilled to wake up and see his Aunty Terri. He went straight to her toy bon (she has grandkids his age), and enjoyed himself very much. He also got to meet her cat "Pebbles", but couldn't touch her, because Terri said she isn't a friendly cat. After we left Terri's house, Cy was asking if he could go back to "Gramma Terri's" later... I'm sure we'll be going back again soon!!

Thanks Terri K. for opening your home on the spot for me n' Cy. Such a sweet kind gesture on your part. I am so thankful for friends like yourself!!

Hope everyone is having a grand weekend!!!

I'm heading to Teri's Christmas Party today... hopefully I will see some of you there??!?