December 18, 2008

Teacher's Gifts

It's a rainy day again here in paradise... it's our Hawaiian snow storm they call it.... I don't know if I mentioned that CY3 was sick with the Pink Eye right now (see pic - that's fricken pink for ya, huh?!?!)... and it looks like it is jumping from the right eye, and moving over to the left eye... ugh!!! We (the kids n' I) have been sleeping in the living room for the last couple of days. It's nice n' cozy, but in the mornings I wake up with body aches. But at least we ain't going to miss Santa's arrival huh?! Oh wait, he's not due til' another week, huh?!?! And those that will see him this Sunday, DON'T YOU DARE MENTION THAT I POSTED THIS PHOTO - OR HE WILL KILL ME!!!! Lol... no seriously, don't mention it... don't he have nice pretty long eye lashes tho'?!?!?

Moving on.... Last day of school for Cy was yesterday. However, I didn't send him to school because he was sniffling again, and sneezing, and I thought I'd better keep him home rather than expose him to more of whatever is lingering out there. So, he missed the potluck. But, I went and dropped off the fruit salad anyways, so that they could all enjoy. If not, I wouldn't be able to all of that by myself. Thank goodness they love it, because the container came back almost empty!! It was last day of "gift giving" for CY4's school as well. Yup, they set guidelines... well, yesterday they had the "Taste of MPI" which was basically a potluck, and then today the 7th graders had a field trip. So the school was smart to not allow them to give gifts today. No sense dragging along a present during a bus ride, ya know?!

So that meant I had to finish school presents for the teachers yesterday. I made them these clipboards. I got the idea from Teri. Back about 4 years ago or so, we did a craft fair together - it was a small one, but it was FUN!! Teri n' I got to know each other better, laughing and joking and killing time, as people would just look and smile at our things. A lot of her projects sold, and they made great gifts. Well, I figured these would be awesome gifts for teachers right??! So, all I did was cover these clip boards with design sheet papers, I used Decoupage Finish to adhere, and then I coat it with Decoupage to seal the paper in. The images are actually wood chips which I purchased at WALMART!!! How's that, huh?! Now Walmart got these cute wood thingies. But they only have a small selection. I know that Brian (Photo Craft) and Cliff (J's) both have wood chips too... so I might have to head down there and check out more designs if I need to make projects using these products. The teacher's names were made using my Cricut "Cutting Up" cartridge. I love that font... it has 4 different but kinda same fonts on that cartridge. But I love the chunk-ness and how it looks so FUN!!! I then wrapped each clipboard in cellophane bags, and just tied around with a ribbon. Should I have given them a pen with it? Hmmm.... My hubby said "How they going write on it, when get this thing (the image) in the way?!?!"... I said, "It's not for writing on, it's for decoration"... he said, "no make sense then", I said, "Make sense - they can just hang 'em up and put small kine notes if they like"... make sense? I think so... anybody else agree? Last photo shows how I wrapped them all.

Ok - I gotta go, Rina called me 4 times already, twice on each of my phones, so I better go and return her call.... hahahhahaa... No Rina, I'm not out shopping for our party... hahahhaa

Gina... lol