December 23, 2008

Photos and a Video from Little C's Christmas Party

I'm sick... got a snifflin' n' stuffy nose, a crazy bought of sneezes, and a sore throat. I got it right after my Little C's Christmas party. My throat was actually scratchy right before and during the party, but I think after all the yelling, shouting and laughing that I did that day, it kinda sped up the sick process in my body. But it's ok, it was all worth it!!!! Oh boy!!! The party was a BLAST!!!! We had games, tons of food, tons of prizes to give away, a wonderful bunch of handmade products made for our Christmas Swap, and just lots of talented, smiling friends to celebrate with. One gal, Enjoli, flew down from the Big Island to join us. Okay, no she really didn't fly down just for the party, but to visit family instead, but it worked out, and I like to think that she did. Tee hee.... The party was full of laughter and energy. We had ladies come from all parts of the island.. from Waimanalo to Makakilo.... Pearl City was central to bring us all togther. If you missed this years party, I hope you will not miss next years party. But it was so much fun, that I've received requests to make a New Years party - LOL!!!! Maybe we can have a Little C's birthday bash in the next 6 months, instead!??! Well see...

I will show creations in a later post - I just wanted to share these photos with all of you. Oh! The video right below it, is of us playing the "right n' left" game.... this is how we decided on who gets the handmade product. Enjoy!!!

Here's the video... the object of the game is to pass the item to the left or right of you whenever the words "left" or "right" were said. And before you ask... "no" I not pregnant.... LOL!!!

Thank you all to those that came and made this a very special and memorable party!!! See you all again real soon!!!