December 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to my baby boy Cy....

Hello All...

How has everyone been?!?! December is such a crazy, fun & special month for me... there's card creating, gift creating, shopping, parties, and I am sure it is the same for all of you. But there's one more thing that makes December so much more special for me... on this day, December 14th - 4 years ago, at 4:38 pm (the same time as this posting), I gave birth to my baby boy, Cy. I can't believe how quick time has flown by... here are some photos of him through the years....

at birth:

at age 1:

at age 2:

at age 3:

and today, at age 4:

We celebrated by taking him to Dave n' Busters. The weather was windy and rainy, but a lot clearer than yesterday. It has been flooding around Oahu the last couple of days. Some places hit worst than others. I just thank the Lord that we are safe, warm and unharmed. My internet have been a little screwy, and electricity has been lost here n' there. But we're hanging tough, and making it through. The days have just been busy and I still have some shopping left to do. Cy just got over being sick for a week, and miss school the entire week. I had to take him back n' forth to the doctors... he had an ear infection in both ears, sinus infection, sore throat and pink eye (conjunctivitis). After some anti-biotic, all is getting better in his system, however CY3 now has the pink eye. (I told him many times to wash his hands... see when he don't listen?!). My car was also sick last week... it was in the shop for 2 days, as the mechanics had no answer as to what was wrong with my car. The "Ck Eng" light was on, and it was because the cooling fan clutch was disengaged. I was pretty bummed without my car, but because it was raining so hard, I guess it was best that we were indoors anyways.

Here is the card I made for Cy. I used an image from Pink Petticoat. I really didn't do much to this card. I did however use a die cut card from Cricut's Wild Card cartridge.

Anyways, I hope you and your family is doing better than we are. I have been prepping for Little C's Christmas party this upcoming Sunday.... worked on favors, door prizes and awards for our games. Looking forward to the fun, and fellowship with the rest of the aloha stamping sisters.

Before I go - I would also like to extend a very Happy Birthday to my dear friend, Jan Scholl!!! She celebrated her birthday today as well!!

Hope you all have a marvelous week.... and for you local girls, be sure to stay dry n' warm!!!