December 31, 2008

From Myra

My girlfriend Myra Shindo creates super duper cute things... you will agree after looking as these goodies that she gave me. If you would like to purchase or see more of Myra's creations, you can get them in the Handmade Creations section of Little C's online store.

This is a pocket calender for the years 2009 and 2010. I am already using it as a birthday calendar.

This cute mini post it note holder comes with a mini pen... Myra, remind me to ask you where you get those pens... or email me....
Here's another view... she put lil' beads in the windows of her creations. That's Myra's trademark... that's how I know that it's from her. =0)

Here is a pen that she decorated by using shrink plastic... another one of her trademarks. I am using the pen with my birthday calendar.

Close up of the shrink plastic art....
Thanks for these super cute items, Myra!!