December 17, 2008

From Michelle....

Here's what I got for ya today.... last weekend, I got to meet a bunch of blogging/stamping sisters of the islands at Teri's Christmas gathering. Along with all the other ladies, I also met sweet Michelle of Mushi's Creative Inspirations and her adorable daughter. Michelle gave me these goodies that I am now bragging about. So cute, ya? These are like the lil' totes I made for Cy's classmates yesterday, but she cut it down to be smaller. The lil'gingerbread man is from Digital Designs website, and if I can remember, designed by Mindy Terasawa. She really went all out on this tote too, because she put eyelets in the handles for the ribbon to easily go through. (With mines, I just punched the hole, and shoved in the ribbons - well, keep in mind the age level that was receiving mines... we all know what they are going to do with it after eating all the goodies, right Rina?!?!). Well, I love the yummies that Michelle put in her lil' tote more that what mines consisted of. She had some ribbons, a cute Hello Kitty pin (which she made herself), and a rubber stamp... now THATs a tote, huh??! In the photo, I show 1 mint ball... there were MORE - but I love them mint balls, they melt so quickly in my mouth, and so they were the first to go. Infact, right after I took the photo, the mint ball in the photo went right into my mouth, it was my breakfast. =0)

The 2nd treat Michelle gave me was this snowman soup tin. It's too cute, huh?! You can easily see the poem on there through the photo. Cy was eyeing up the candycane in there...

Thanks again Michelle for these sweet treats!!! Can't wait to see you again this Sunday!!!

Ok, I'm off t create MORE things.... I wanna try out that chocolate cup holders that Michelle did here. What do you think? I think so, ya?!?