December 16, 2008

From Debbie... hahahha... I mean, Denise!!

I'm trying to catch up... catch up to everything going on around me. I only had the chance to work on Little C's orders that were placed on the 12th of December, TODAY. Even then, I'm still trying to stay afloat. I am just about ready to start on making a fruit salad for Cy's potluck at school tomorrow, and then I have to make Turkey Ala King - but with Chicken, because the grocery store didn't have turkey avail....???? Also, CY4 has a potluck tomorrow as well. It is going to be hard to resist both dishes, but I will probably make a little more of the fruit salad, so that I can have some to call my own.

Anyways this past weekend, at Teri's gathering, I met Denise Nibling of Denise Loves Stamps. She was just leaving as I just arrived to the party, so unfortunately, we didn't get to talk stories and get to know too much about each other. It was a hug-n'-go, and here's-a-lil'-present-for-you kinda deal. But Denise is coming to my Little C's party this weekend.... WOOHOOO!!!! So I can't wait to meet her, and she'll get to really know the crazy me. Actually, Denise got a taste of my craziness today... hows this... short story: Denise RSVP'd to my party via email, and she wrote: "My daughter & I will make it to your Christmas party. I will make a pot of chili & she will make a dessert. Please send me your address, so that my Garmin can help me find your house!!"... Ok, so do you know what I thought?! I seriously thought her daughter's name was "Garmin". But today, while shopping at Best Buy, I see this GPS thingy, and the name of the brand was "Garmin" - but still, I don't put 2 n' 2 together, infact, I thought to myself... "Hmmmm, I wonder if Denise named her daughter after this brand?!".... well, I get back home today, to find an email from Denise. (Earlier, I sent out an email to all attendees of my party, to let them know who was coming, and I wrote "Garmin - Denise's Guest"....funny huh?!? So, I come home, and see this email from Denise that says, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Jen, My daughter's name is Jamee, "Garmin" is my GPS system that will lead me to your house!".... Yea - I feel mento.... but the worst part is, I replied to Denise and go, "Hi Debbie".... ok, am I losing it?! hahaha.. and I already had coffee this morning, not a full cup though... oh, but I don't feel too bad, Dawne referred to me as "Gina" in my previous post.... LOL!!! So I think this madness of a holiday thingy is driving everybody nuts!!!

Anyways, this pair of earrings was given to me by my darling new found friend, Denise!!! She is amazing!! A Card creator and a Jewelry maker. She is SET. No more buying cards or buying gifts for people. She can whip up something special, something sweet for you to wear in a matter of minutes.... das what I call "mean"....

("Mean" in Hawaii slang is like "awesome"... I think mainland slang says "sick" now a days (at least that's how my hubby explains it)... lol!!!).

Ok, I'm off to start cutting, peeling and cooking!!!