December 19, 2008

From Dawne

Hola... ok, super quick post, because I have to go and run some errands... the weather is gloomy and slight winds. Looks nice n' cool out there. My kidlets are with me... both have begun their Christmas Vacation. Which means even though it's cool out there, doesn't mean I will be keeping cool. Hahahaa... anyways... fast kine, and when I come back - I'll post about what happen yesterday (if I have time).

Dawne of Dawney's Delights sent me these super cute RAKs!!! I was smiling from ear to ear when I got her package of goodies. She make me feel so special!!! I love all these stuffs. In the lil' round plastic container are pins, the real kine pokey pins. But cute ones with lil' birdies on there. I have GOT to figure out a way to incorporate them in my projects, because they are too cute to sit in that container. She also sent me chipboard, and a handmade card - I think she did it with the Sillouette machine. So, if you are interested in seeing how that thing works, you better head on over to her blog, becuase she's popping out those creations left n' right with that machine. She also sent me a clear stamp - do you see it??! You know what?!?! Funny story... hahaha, how many funnies can I have happen to me?! I must be one lo-lo girl because when I first saw the stamp, I had to do a double take... hahahaa, when I first saw it - I thought it said "Teaser"... like, it is just "me" to be a trouble maker n' teaser all the time, so I really thought it said "Teaser"... and I thought, "Hoooo that Dawne, she really knows me!!!" then I looked at it again, and said, "ohhhhh TREASURE".... well, das me too though... hahahha... how's her envie?! Cute ya with the buttons?! Thanks girl... you totally made my day!!!

Ok, quick post is pau!