November 13, 2008

Some Great Announcements

Happy Aloha Friday!!!

Ok - I have 2 announcements... first to start off with the most important one... I would like to congratulate my son, CY4, for making HONOR ROLL STUDENT at his school!!! His 1st quarter grades came out about 2 weeks ago, and I have failed to mention this great achievement!!! Sorry Baby!! I cannot NOT mention it, because he's worked so hard, and we've pushed him so much from the beginning - and we will continue to push him to strive for the best. He is making us so proud.... so, "Congratulations Sweetie Pie... here's to MORE Great Achievements!!" **toasting with sparkling grape cider** Daddy n' I are SO PROUD of YOU!! Now, get back to your room and study. =0)

Actually, CY4 has really matured since entering Middle School. He's been able to keep up with his chores, continues to be a loving and nurturing Big Brother to Cy, and is on top of his homework daily. I can only pray that he continues on this path, and reach more achievements throughout his school year!! I'm totally excited for him... and extremely proud!!!

My next announcement is.... I've started a **NEW** blog.... "what the heck are you thinking, Jen?!"... I know that's what you are thinking... Well - let me explain, back when I first started blogging on this blog, I've noticed that I used to "blab" a lot about anything and everything. Well... throughout the year, I started tapering my babbling off, and just posting photos of my creations and supplies that I've used them for. MOST of my readers come here for that ANYWAYS. But I like to "blab!!!".... so, I've started a blog where I can just "blab" about anything and everything, and experiences that happen to me on a daily basis and share this with you (if you're interested). If you wanna read what I'm babbling about then check out my blog called "Any Kine Talk Story". Now, I'd probably still do announcements like these on here once in a while - but my daily ramblings will cut down and moved on over to that blog. The title "Any Kine Talk Story" fits just what I wanna write about.... Any Kine!

Hope to see you there... you can share with me any kine as well, and talk story with me!