November 1, 2008

A Ribbon Tutorial: Pink Petticoat Thank You Card

Happy Saturday and Happy Belated Halloween Friends.....

Sorry - I totally spaced yesterday, and forgot to wish all of you a Happy Halloween... I took the boys to the mall for the very 1st time last night. It was BUSY and CRAZY!! Too much people.... I'm not one for crowds (if it doesn't involve me dancing - heh, heh!!).

Ok, I'll post the Halloween pics that we took later. Here's a card I created, and thought I'd share a lil' trick in ribbon hiding. As you can see, from my photo - the ribbon only goes up to the middle of the card, and then back around. So, I will show you how I do this, without revealing the ribbon on the other side. That sounds like a magic trick, huh? LOL!!!

Ok, first off... the front of the card is actually just a card front. I do my layout, and then cut a slit of the width of the ribbon, just about to where I want the ribbon to go through. I cut the slit right through the papers and cardstock all together.... just like this:

I used my paper piercer to make the slit - but it would've been cleaner and easier to do with an exacto. But I'm a "use whatever is around" kinda crafter, and that piercer was around at that time.

I'm going to take my ribbon, and push it through the slit.... it looks wide n' torn enough to fit my ribbon.... (real jaggity, I know... but heck, it's a hidden ribbon trick thingy, so trust me - nobody's going to see it!!!

This is the front of the cardfront with the ribbon threaded through the slit, and then tied in a knot.... yep, as you can see - the slit is still noticeable in the front...

And here the slit goes right through the back of the cardstock and paper layers....

Here's the trick... since what you created is only a cardfront, you are now going to adhere the cardfront to an actual card, as shown here (shown not adhered yet..LOL!!):

Here it is shown adhered (you can see a bit of the yellow cardfront stuck to the front of the card). And when you open the card, you can't see the ribbon that was once going through the cardfront.

Let's oooo.... and ahhhhh.... hee hee... ok, I am sure a lot of you know how to do this already. Just wanted to help out some of the newbies or those that really didn't know about this yet. The slit on the front of the card is then covered by the layer that I stamped my image on.

I used: Dew Drops, SU! DS, Pink Petticoat images, Nesties and my Copics to color.....

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.... I have a class today for my Glama Gurlz. I have some spontaneous creations for them to create, and we have to catch up with each other's lives. So... post here later..... and see ya tomorrow!!!

Big Hugs...