November 3, 2008

An Oriental Card: Love

Good Morning Monday All!!!

How was your weekend?! Did you and your kiddies have a fun time Trick o' Treating? I took the kids to the mall (Pearl Ridge) this weekend, I know I mentioned it before, but I didn't get to finish what I was telling you. The mall was packed. I was a little disappointed that there weren't much people dressed up and the stores had to limit the amount of candies given out (like to 1 lollipop per child) because the crowd was so huge. Maybe I'm spoiled... we could've walked around our block and gotten 3 times as much candies as we did - LOL!!! Only because all the Aunties and Tutu's (grandmas) would give us handfuls being that we'd be the only ones (practically) walking around trick o' treating in our area. But oh well, at least we got to experience something new, it was still fun, because we went with Rina and her girls.

We later went to my mom's to show her their costumes, ate our Taco Bell dinner there, and then back home to finish up the night. I don't like to stay out too late, because at night is when all the cock-a-roaches come out n' play (and fly).... ACK!!!! Seriously... I would drive into my garage, and we'd sit in my truck checking out all the surroundings to make sure there isn't any roaches on the ground or the walls... if there is - I would send CY4 out there, and he takes the water hose, and sprays water at it. CY4 don't like roaches either, so we'd take turns on who goes out to spray those beasts out of the way. I try to bargain with him (a lot of times!). As I mentioned previously in another post, Cy was a cowboy, and CY4 a DJ/Jabbawockee/MC kinda person... well - here are some pictures to share with you how they dressed up as. Sorry... some a BLURRY, because I used my cell phone camera instead, since CY3 is STILL using my camera (I get it back today though...YIPPEE!!!!).

Yesterday, we had lunch with our family-friends at Kuru-Kuru, that's a Sushi bar thingy, where the Sushi is going 'round n' 'round on a conveyor belt. Yummy.... I wish I had more space in my tummy because there were so much more onolicious food that I wanted to devour!!!

Ok nuff talking... on to my card creation. This is an oriental card... the paper is oriental paper, called "Washi Paper". Sold in plenty of craft stores here in Hawaii, even at Walmart!! Do they sell these at your store in your town? I know, kinda sound ignorant, but I really wouldn't know if they'd sell it there if people in town wouldn't know what to do with it. The paper is more like fabric, and it has a nice texture to it. Usually used for creating origami... but in this case, I like to use them for my oriental cards. They make great DS papers!!! This is one of the cards I created for my sister to sell at her store.

Ohhh... and look what is holding up that card of mines... a miniature easel!!!! You know who got that for me!? Jean of Dandelions Designs!!!! So BIG BIG BIG hugs n' a shout out to my girl, Jean!!! Thanks Cupcake!!! It was so sweet of her to send it to me... you know - I was looking all over for that easel, it was driving me nuts. Just so happen Jean read my blog, and saw that I wanted an easel, and apparently - she purchased 2 easels the day before.... well, Jean was so kind enough to send it to me and let me have one instead. Now if you haven't been to Jean's blog, you have got to head on over there. She is the designer and creator of Dandelion Designs which are super cute and adorable stamps. She has retailers all over the web that sells them for her - unfortunately, I am NOT one of them. But if you really want, I can help you out and get them for you (you just need to send me an email, and I will make magic!).

Anyways, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend like we did. I hope that you all have a wonderful week. Tomorrow is a new challenge on Little C's... so I better work on that. It's going to be a sketch challenge - so be sure to stop on by there tomorrow to get a peek at what the sketch looks like.