November 30, 2008

Cricut Cut File: Adjustable 4 Tab Frame for Carmen

I know, I know... I'm supposed to be on blog break... however, I had a request to create this cut file for a blog reader of mines, and thought I'd share it with anyone else out there that might be interested.

Carmen wanted adjustable frames just like the ones featured on this layout. (I cannot post it here on my blog for copyright purposes - also in respect for the creator of this layout, whom I don't know personally). She asked to have it created so that she could adjust the size and make her frames to whatever size she wanted. So here it is.

Carmen wanted to have this adjustable - but how would she use it if she wanted to cut photos out? Here is the instructions I gave her... hope it makes sense to you:

I would suggest that you size your cut, and cut several different sizes - and save them each time in all different file names (for future purposes - if you want to cut that same size again, and your template is ruined). Label them accordingly (cut and label the same as you have named the file), and cut on a cardstock first. You can laminate them at this point to keep them sturdy if you'd like. When are you are ready to cut, place your "template cut" on the mat and slip your photo behind the cut and alining with the cut accordingly (with photos centered within the frame). Remove the template cut, and you can now cut your photo that is placed in the exact spot that you need it to be on the mat. ***Make sure your mat is sticky enough to hold your photos in place. Nothing is more frustrating than a photo that is supposed to be cut, but is moving along with your blade instead. You also might want to use printed photos instead (scanned and printed from your printer) if you don't want to waste your original photos (unless of course you have them all on CD).

I used the George cartridge to create this file.

Design Studio users may download this cut file here.

Have a wonderful Sunday!!!