November 2, 2008

A Cricut Creation: Mini Backpack

G'Morning Sunday Crafters!!!!

Ok... first, I wanted to let you know that my BFF and Stamping Sister Rina has FINALLY started her own blog!!!! I am so excited, and happy that she has started a blog, because she really needs a place of her own to share her lovely creations. Her blog is called "Heartful Stamping". Please head on over, and welcome her to blogland... she's excited to make new friends and meet all of you. But I must warn you - she isn't too computer literate.... I had to walk her through the process of "commenting" and she didn't even know she could view comments on anyone's blog.

Now for the Mini Backpack creations. Yesterday, the Glama Gurlz got together and hung out at my house (from 1 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.). Yep, it was a long day, but it was a fun long day. They arrived with no plans of creating anything. Meaning I wasn't planning on having them create anything. LOL!! However, the night before, I was working on this mini backpack creation - which I found a tutorial online created by Becky Roberts of Inking Idaho. I wanted to incorporate these cuts that Becky shared into a Cricut Cut. Yep, yep... and I was successful in doing so. SO, I showed the ladies how to use their Circut and Design Studio program, and how they can create the Mini Backpack as well. The difference? Well, I just have to slip my paper into my Cricut, and all the cutting is done for me, without having to think about it (after all that thinking I had to do when I 1st created the cut anyways). Here are the mini backpacks that were created....

By Rina:

By Jodie:

By Barbara:

For Cricut Design Studio users......
Cartridges I used: Plantin & George

Download Backpack File Here

I am working on creating the bigger sized backpack, which I just received a link to the tutorial from Wini today.... so I will share that with you as well when I get done with it...

We also created some Christmas cards spontaneously... I will share those with you tomorrow!!!

Tah-Tah... have a relaxing Sunday!!