October 2, 2008

RAKs From JackieLou & 7 Things About Lil' Ol' Me

JackieLou, JackieLou... where are you?!?! LOL!! My girl JackieLou sent me this package full of RAKs. WOW!! It was like Christmas in September when I got it. Totally surprised, and what a TREAT it was. That JackieLou is a very talented, sweet n' friendly kinda girl. She is the blog author of "Bloggin' My Pink Artsie World" (she loves EVERYTHING pink - and I am amazed at how many craft products out there is feeding her need!!!!) JackieLou is also someone "part" local. She's been to Hawaii on several occasions, and have family that live here. And when she's here, she's here for a long time, the kine as though she went to the Phillippines kine long... yep - talking 3 months kine!!! Oh sorry, might not be making sense to a lot of you folks, but that's ok, just keep reading! So JackieLou, sent me this package of goodies. I was real impressed with her card and envelope that she made. They were both oh so pretty. She writes in her note to me "you can re-use this card if you want".... silly girl, why would I wanna do that?! Puffy Liquid Butterfly Stickers, Flower Punches, Brads, Eyelets and Chipboard Tags... all oh so yummy!!! Thanks for sending me these goodies, girlfriend... stuffs that I can never deny wanting.... can't wait to use them all!!!

Now for the 7 RaNDom FaCTs about me... I was tagged by JackieLou & MacKenzie.

1. I love when it rains... like it's doing right now!!

2. I've NEVER watched an episode of "Sex and The City".... is it good?

3. My favorite TV shows are "Lost", "Ghost Hunters" and "Chuck"

4. My real name is NOT Jen, Jennifer, or Jenn.... it's actually "Janeth" and yes, with an "h" at the end.... mom said she wanted it to be "Judith" - but was so drowsy at birth that the nurse took it as "Janeth".... LOL!!! As for being called "Jen"..... with her Filipino accent, she tries to call me "Jane" for short, but it comes out "Jen" instead. I've been nicknamed "Jen" since birth. Does this count as 2 facts?

5. I have to keep myself BUSY or I will go out of my mind. Even tho' being busy is keeping me this way anyways.....

6. I started driving less than 5 years ago, the license I have is the very 1st license I've ever had!

7. I don't shave... I pluck!

Most of my "great" accomplishments happened before I had kids: 1st chair flutist/piccolo player, Captain of the Color Guard, being able to do the splits... Class Clown... My greatest accomplishments were giving birth to my 2 boys naturally. Now, everything I do in life is to build a foundation for them to have accomplishments of their own. So, forgive me if my 7 random facts are pretty much "bleh".