October 17, 2008

Personalized Card Set

**Moved from Cricut Cuts Blog**

Here is a set of 5 personalized cards that I created for an order of a friend/customer of mines. I used the Just Rite stamps that I sell at here at Little C's. For the Scallop and Circle cut outs, I created them on my Cricut Design Studio program. This machine is really coming in handy for me - I am just loving it, can you tell?!?! Anyways, if you have the Just Rite stamps and the Cricut Machine, you too can enjoy them both the same way that I am. I simply measured the size of the circle (this is for the small Just Rite stamp sets), and then made the scallops a little larger. The Just Rite set that I used on this order is called "Curlz".

For Cricut Design Studio Users:
Download Scallops & Circle Cuts here

Cartridge Used: Mini Monogram