October 30, 2008

October Vog & Cowboy Cy

2 days ago, the vog here in Hawai hit Oahu pretty bad. Volcano + Smog (Smoke) = "Vog". My kids are always affected by the vog.... scratchy throats, sneezing and nose drips. Here is a photo of the the Vog really taking over our Oahu air space... mountains are missing!!! That chunk of a thing that is in the middle part of the photo of the Aloha Stadium... you can see how voggy it is!!!

I took more pics of the vog - they can be found here.

This here is my Lil' Cowboy Cy... he and the rest of his class dressed up today in celebration of Halloween tomorrow (they don't have school on Fridays). And no, those are dirt specks on your computer screen, I drew some freckles on to his face, using my Mary Kay Eye Brow Liner Pencil. CY3 says Cy looks more like a Plantation Worker rather than a Cowboy... too funny!!!

I will post here on my blog the goodies I came up with for Cy's classmates... it was a real quicky...