October 8, 2008

Most Huggable Hubby Contest

Hey All...

I'm trying to win a contest for a getaway for my hubby and I (seriously), and it's to vote on the Most Huggable Hubby... so I need ALL the help I can possibly get.... please vote for us...- DH doesn't know that I'm doing this.... so it'll be a SURPRISE if we totally WIN!!! Here's the pic that you are voting on. Click on the picture, and be sure to select "10" so we can WIN!!!!

I don't have anything else to give back to you other than a "thanks" and a "love ya lots" - if we win, I promise to send you a post card. (Email me with your addy, and if we win, for sure - you will get a post card with a pic of us wherever they send us to)....

Mahalo Nui Loa,