October 5, 2008

Little C's Apparels

This weekend.... I played around with my Little C's Apparels online store. I've made it look more "shop" friendly... and I've added MORE merchandise, and a few more designs. Designs are now available on most of the merchandise. Some of the new designs added are:

  • "I Should Be Stamping/Scrapping!"
  • "Rubbahs.... I only enjoy them when I'm Stamping"
  • "Just Stamp/Just Scrap"
  • "Jus' Scrap/Jus' Stamp"
I've also sorted out the shop into categories. Such as..... For The Kids, For Hawaii Locals, Stamp Stuffs, Scrap Stuffs, etc.,

Here is a peek of the shop's front page....

You may click on the link above, or on the photo of the shop to go there. More ideas are going through my head, which means more designs are coming soon!! Thanks for keeping up with my madness....

Much Hugs n' Aloha,