October 25, 2008

Doggie Thank You.....

Good Morning Saturday, All!!! Isn't this a cute lil' doggie?! I got him through Whipper Snapper. WS got all the cute designs, I wish I had them ALL!!!! Just can't get enough of any of these WS stamps. Fun to color and cute to look at.

Anyways... the base of this card was actually made by someone else. I have a basket of samples/swaps here in my home, and I thought that the base and the sentiment was perfect of what I needed. I really don't know who made it - so if it looks like your's, and you live here in Hawaii... and you made this for your swap.... "thanks ah!". I added my doggie image, the brown ribbon, and the brown dew drops. Hee hee... not bad ah? Gotta use them swaps somehow - and the best thing is that it wasn't faded, or if it is, it doesn't really show. LOL!!!

Today is the last full day we will be having with my sister Nasha, since she goes home tomorrow at around 10 a.m., so depressing, because we all don't want her to go. Wish she would just move back!!! Oh well.... it's too bad that we were all sick the 1st week she got here, because that really lessened the amount of time we spent together. But, cannot help... looking forward to her next visit already!!

Thanks for popping in....