October 28, 2008

A Cricut Creation: I Couldn't Resist!!!!!

Hello All... Hello Kitty!!!!

I couldn't resist!! With all the Hello Kitty cuts out there made by Sizzix.... I just couldn't resist in creating my own Hello Kitty face with my Circut Design Studio program. Took me some time, but I was able to do it, and even though it took me what felt like forever, I had a great time working on it, and making the cut work. My Hello Kitty Cricut Cartridge should be arriving any time this week or next, so I am soooo looking forward to THAT. At least for now, I am satisfied with her head if I ever have the urge to create another Hello Kitty before my cartridge arrive, I can use this one. White accents were created using White Acrylic paint, and Stickes was smothered on the bow to make it sparkle.

For Cricut Design Studio users, I have the file for you to download here. Yes, please note, you MUST have a Cricut Machine and the Design Studio program in order to use this file download. For this file, you will also need to have the George Basic Font cartridge. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cartridge... you can do SO much with all the shapes that is available on here (as you can see). File download comes with a bow as well. Enjoy!!

Please share with me if you use this cut, and let me know if you've created anything with it - it would be cool to see!!!

Oh ya - and if you're looking for details on LCWC - it's MOVED to my Little C's Blog. It's Little C's Weekly Challenge Week #15 this week... go on over n' play!!!